Wellness Training

Wellness Training

Improve your health with onsite education!
Learn more about important health topics such as nutrition, fitness, work/life balance and stress management while at work. Wellness classes are 1 hour in length and training credit is provided upon completion. 

WELL Balanced

Finding balance in work and life is essential for your happiness and well-being. In our WELL Balanced series, each class provides hands-on training to help reset your mind and give you the mental downtime your body needs to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Come prepared to learn and practice a new stress management technique.

WELL Living

Improve your health! Improve your life! This category of classes focuses on a variety of current health and wellness topics designed to improve your overall quality of life. Classes are delivered in an interactive, lecture-style format. 

WELL Nourished

Like fashion, food trends come and go. In WELL Nourished classes, you will taste the latest trends along with culinary classics in a short, 1-hour healthy cooking demonstration. Get more out of these classes by volunteering to assist the instructor during class! Samples of the recipes prepared will be provided.

To view available classes:

Visit our home page and click on the purple Training icon OR view our Wellness Calendar and look for the events in purple.

To register: 

  1. Visit the Training website at http://www.harriscountytx.gov/hctraining
  2. Click on the '+' to expand Human Resources & Risk Management classes & programs
  3. Click on the '+' to expand Wellness Training and select the class you want

Earn Healthy Actions Medical Plan 2019-20 Credit!


Completion of 4 hours of wellness training fulfills
one CHOOSE action
for the Healthy Actions Medical Plan.


For questions, email wellness@bmd.hctx.net or call Employee Wellness at 713-274-5500, Option 9.